The Orchestra's dance ensemble was established in 1997 in lieu of extending its varied capabilities. Since its creation, its numerous concerts and shows have obtained a new excitement. Precisely choreographed movements of performers make unforgettable impressions leaving no spectator unmoved. Bright emotional dances of Don's Kazaks is replaced by a smart and well-shaped array of a finely orchestrated soldier dance. Even more impressive are the soloist- performed acrobatics.

Ballet Master of the Ensemble, Anatoliy Rezanov is responsible for the production of these dances.

Jazz - Combo

Jazz - combo was established in 1979 as an independent group. The fundamentals of its repertoire are arrangements of popular jazz standards, music of 1930-1980 years and modern hits that were recorded by the well-known musician and musical architect V.Prohorov.

Soloists of the Orchestra Ludmila Nazarenko and Eduard Labkovsky have always performed with the ensemble. Its small size and timely response to events at various diverse locations allow it to quickly and resourcefully organize concerts. Best examples of this include its concerts for frontier guards at hard-to-reach, inaccessible mountainous regions of Pamir, deserts of the Middle Asia, military vessels and elite and even sophisticated audiences at the diplomatic Corps of Russia, at well-known hotels like the "Metropol", "Marriott" and holiday events.

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