Big band was established in 1989. Even the first performances on the radio, TV and in concerts revealed that a new jazz band with an irresistible sense of style and distinguishingly vibrant presence had appeared on the Russian scene.

The big band consists of such well-known musicians in Russia and abroad such as Viktor Guseynov, Vladimir Motov, Sergey Rezancev, Georgiy Albegov, Michael Shifer, Vladimir Vasilkov and others. In 1990, the big band went on a tour of the U.S. where it met with enormous success. Then U.S. President Richard Nixon, who attended one of its many concerts, personally congratulated the Orchestra on its excellent performance. The Orchestra received rave reviews and was showered with a storm of positive publicity following its performances at The First Moscow International Festival which was held in memory of Glenn Miller in 1994, the festival Evrazia 1997 in Orenburg and at the Moscow festival Jazz '98.

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